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Shipping Containers for STORAGE, Trucking and Freight

Container of America LLC provides shipping containers in a variety of forms.

Container Specifications
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New & Used Containers

Our company offers all forms of new and used containers in different sizes incl. working and non-running reefer containers.

20´ STD Container
20´STD DD (double door) Container
20’ STD Duocon Container
20’ HC Container
20’ Open Top Container
40´ HC Container with Easy Open Door (EOD)
40´ HC DD (Double Door) Container with Easy Open Door (EOD)
40´HC DD (double door) One Trip Container
40´HC One Trip Container Easy Open door
40’ HC Open Side Container
40’ Open Top Container
Hard Top
Reefer/Insulated containers
Flat Rack

Global Reach

Container of America LLC has inventory all over the U.S. to service North America and abroad.

Contact us to learn about how our products facilitate international commerce and freight every day.



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